Wrestling super fan honoured during wrestling event

  • <p>&#8220;Maniacal&#8221; Maredes holds &#8220;Big Business&#8221; Sydney Steele while Liam McNeary chops him.</p>
  • <p>Backwoods does a knee drop on &#8220;The Newfoundland Nightmare&#8221; Justin Newhook.</p>
  • <p>&#8220;X-Ray&#8221; Kyle Kruze vs Lunenburg&#8217;s-own Sidewalk Sam with <em>This Hour Has 22 Minutes Star,</em> Travis Lindsay as the special referee</p>
  • <p>Matt Connors clothesline Narcis Saint over the top rope.</p>
  • <p>Fan Isaiah Collins with wrestler Justin Newhook who celebrates a victory.</p>
  • <p>Windsor, Nova Scotia&#8217;s Lil&#8217; Bay applies an inverted face-lock to Iseah Bronson.</p>
  • <p>&#8220;The Newfoundland Nightmare&#8221; Justin Newhook pummels &#8220;X-Ray&#8221; Kyle Kruze in the corner.</p>
  • <p>&#8220;X-Ray Kyle Kruze&#8221; applies a painful abdominal stretch to Matt Connors, with an assist from partner, Backwoods.</p>
  • <p>Referee Emily Parker watches on as Sabotage double-teams Backwoods.</p>
  • <p>&#8220;Big Business&#8221; Sydney Steele applies a headlock on &#8220;Maniacal&#8221; Maredes.</p>
  • <p>&#8220;Big Business&#8221; Sydney Steele suplex the &#8220;Maniacal&#8221; Maredes.</p>
  • <p style="text-align: left;">Highlander Robbie McAllister tries to start the Happy Birthday song to Logan McNeary, with father, Bob who is holding the EPIC Pro Wrestling Championship belt that was dedicated to Logan earlier this year. In the background is ring announcer Matt Collins.</p>
  • <p>The &#8220;good guys&#8221; pose for a photo with Bob and Liam McNeary.</p>
  • <p>Narcis Saint stomps on Bob McNeary in the corner.</p>
  • <p>Lil Blay interrupts the singing of Happy Birthday and faces off with &#8220;Highlander&#8221; Robbie MacAllister while Bob McNeary and ring announcer Matt Collins watches on.</p>
  • <p>The debut of Supernova Wrestling in Bridgewater was May 6, what would have been Logan&#8217;s 15th birthday.</p>
  • <p>Logan and his younger brother Liam had many matches in their backyard in Bridgewater.</p>

Story and Photos By KEVIN MCBAIN


BRIDGEWATER – Logan McNeary, "The Savage Warrior," was a wrestling superfan to say the least.

The young man, who died Feb. 10, 2023 was celebrated during a return to wrestling event in Bridgewater May 6, which would have been his 15th birthday.

"He was always building wrestling rings in our backyard," said mother, Juanita, who added there was still one in their backyard. "They would make them out of random things he would find, then him and his brother would have matches."

Supernova Circuit Pro Wrestling, formerly Epic Wrestling, kicked off their summer season of matches with three straight starting in Dartmouth at Doolittle's Sportsbar and Grill May 4; Barrington May 5 and in Bridgewater May 6 at the South Shore Exhibition Grounds.

The May 6 date started out with a penny auction in memory of Logan with all proceeds going to the Hebbville Academy Social Peer Support program, which McNeary was a part of. The program is for students of a social, emotional or psychological nature need would need some extra support or social support. The students involved in the program are taken to either HB Studios and the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Style Centre on a weekly basis in order to engage in peer time together.

The program was started by the Student Services team at the South Shore Regional Centre for Education.

"I think we will have a good donation to take out to the school," said Logan's father, Bob. "Afterwards, we also had a lot of people asking about the program, so we were able to talk about that as well."

Both Logan's younger brother, Liam and Bob were involved in the wrestling action that night. Liam was able to get in a few karate chops on a bad guy and both were in the ring when, Happy Birthday, was sung to Logan, despite attempts to interfere.

Bob also got involved in a short brawl partnered up with Robbie McAllister. After taking a few kicks to the head, Bob was able to toss opponent Narcis Saint over the top ropes and onto a table to close off the evening.

"That was very interesting. I did get stomped a few times, but I think I got my revenge on the no-good Narcis Saint in the end. We made sure that good triumphed over evil," he said, indicating as well, that a return to the ring may not be in the cards.

Also involved in the evening's program was Logan's teacher, Matt Collins from Hebbville Academy. Many friends and family were also on hand to cheer the good guys on.

"A lot of community and friends and kids from the school came out to support with the event and got to celebrate Logan's birthday with us and they were all great," said Juanita. "Having Mr. Collins as the ring announcer for the event was great as well. He was one of Logan's favourites. They used to talk about wrestling a lot and they came up with the moniker, 'Matt the Professor' together."

Bob said the entire night was emotional for him and his family.

"We went through every emotion honestly. Obviously, there was some sadness, some excitement, some hectic moments and some laughter," he said. "Obviously we miss him everyday. He was an incredible young man. He was always creating, he was always positive and he was happy to take part in any adventure that we concocted. Everyone that met him, loved him right away."

Bob and Juanita left a learned message for youth.

"Never be afraid to be yourself. Never be afraid to put yourself out there and try new things," he said, and Juanita added "be kind to others, always."

Bob and Juanita would like to thank the Primos, Sam Nault, Everett and Liessa Gressel and Emily, Forbes and Garcia Buck for helping out during the day, as well as all of the business and people who donated items to the auction.


Supernova Wrestling owner Doug Robar said he was very pleased that they could be a part of a tribute to Logan and celebrate his birthday with the family.

"I couldn't be happier with how things turned out that day," he said, adding there were more than 500 people that came out both in Barrington Passage and Bridgewater and another 150 that came out to Dartmouth in limited space.

Also making a special guest appearance, as a referee for one of the matches, was 22 Minutes, Travis Lindsay

Robar said he is working on several more dates in the coming months and because of the turnout, "I can be confident in saying that sometime in the near future we will be back in Bridgewater and Barrington for sure."

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