They said it: best quotes of 2017

The things people say...are revealing, passionate, emotional, often thoughtful, often blurted in the heat of the moment. But they ultimately grant us insight into an event, an issue, a story.

Here are the best quotes of the year from LighthouseNOW

"To see something you live for as a passion be up in flames right in front of your eyes is just devastating."

Rennick Clattenburg, tattoo artist, on seeing Artistic Issues burn in the King Street fire.


"Will those people return? Will people continue to come here? Definitely [Lyme Disease] will have an economic impact on our municipality down the road."

Carolyn Bolivar-Getson, Mayor of the municipality of the District of Lunenburg, on Lyme Disease in Lunenburg County.


"He was a spectacularly good actor. And wanted for everyone to do well. So he was always helpful and kind and funny."

Lunenburg actor and musician Tom Gallant on the death of John Dunsworth.


"I am so blessed that the people of Bridgewater worked so hard for me."

Vancouver real estate owner and philanthropist Stephen Sander on wanting to give a million dollar gift to the Town of Bridgewater.


"What I'm looking for is some level of confidence that there is no doubt that every staff, every teacher, every employee of the South Shore Regional School Board, when they hear or see any kind of incident, that it is brought to the attention of authority."

Vernon Simms, South Shore Regional School Board's African Nova Scotian representative, on his vote against a new race relations policy.


"Dave's skilled leadership as a physician and Heather's support leaves a deep, far-reaching void in Nova Scotia. Dave and Heather's legacy of generosity, spirit and contributions to each other, family, extended family and the wider community will live on."

John Hughes, bandmate of Dr. David Abriel and Heather Abriel on their tragic death in February.


"This is our resource, this isn't a resource to be owned by 11 sawmills and have a complete monopoly on it, this is a resource that belongs to all of the people of Nova Scotia"

Former Member of Parliament Gerald Keddy on WestFor Management Inc. and the issue of the consortium cutting on crown land.


"I think I speak for all of us when I say, we are all family, while we are all different we still connect with one another, I'm able to connect with my fellow students and recognize each and everyone of them by name, it is disheartening that future graduates may not be able to have this experience and sense of family at a bigger school."

Madeleine Graves, valedictorian for the last graduation class at Bridgewater Senior High School.


"This isn't a decision that can be made in Halifax; it needs to be made involving the community, involving all of the stakeholders."

Richard MacLellan, former CAO of the Region of Queens Municipality, on the issues of overcrowding at Carter's Beach.


"I think we can do better in terms of providing prenatal and post-natal care closer to home."

Maren Dietze, a midwife who served the South Shore for over a decade, on the issue of access to maternal healthcare.


"There's a bottom line here. She says that there was sewage wiped on her. But there's no sewage in Lunenburg harbour. So how is that possible?"

Bill Flower, Lunenburg tour boat operator, on his dispute between him and they mayor of Lunenburg Rachel Bailey.


"Anyone to suggest that these women are at fault are completely wrong."

Judge Paul Scovil on the victims involved in the so-called Dropbox Six case.


"I think that what's so discouraging to so many people is the language that's used in describing this issue. It strikes to the core of who people are when you say, 'You're cheating the system; you're using loopholes.'"

Physician and owner of The Snore Shop, Dr. Neil Smith, at the town hall meeting on proposed tax changes in Lunenburg hosted by MP Bernadette Jordan.


"Football gave me my life back."

Sam Dickens of Springfield, who suffered a severe concussion as a result of a car accident.

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