The Court Report: September 6 edition

by Keith Corcoran

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Absolute discharges on fish charges. A pair of fishermen were granted absolute discharges August 31 in Bridgewater provincial court after they admitted to possessing undersized nets. Gregory Joseph Surette, 50, had a net with a minimum mesh size smaller than the allowable 63.5 millimetre size, which is a condition of his herring fishing licence, court heard. An inspection carried out by Fisheries and Oceans Canada officers in September 2016 yielded the discovery of the smaller net. Crown prosecutor Josh Bryson said 11,000 pounds of herring was sold that day at a cost of $3,850. Proceeds and the net were forfeited to the Crown. Meanwhile, Adrian Lloyd Watkins, 45, also possessed an undersized net during the same time frame, but it was in the hold, dry and not being used to fish, Bryson said.

Queens County man accused of masturbating in his car. Halifax police have charged a Caledonia man with committing an indecent act and breaching probation after authorities arrested a suspect accused of masturbating in a car while driving. Theodore Floyd Weare, 26, was due to appear in a Halifax court to face the charges. Police were summoned August 29 to Bedford where a female driver noticed the masturbating driver in the area of Damascus Road and Duke Street. "The woman immediately stopped and called police and was able to provide a description of the suspect and his vehicle, as well as the license plate number," law enforcement said. An unoccupied vehicle was found in a Rocky Lake Drive parking lot and a suspect was later located and arrested.

Conditional sentence on four charges. A Colpton man was handed a 90 day conditional sentence and placed on a year's probation after he admitted to two counts of breaching probation and single counts of uttering threats and public mischief. Earlier this year it was determined Derek Jason MacKay, 36, was responsible for transmitting repeated nuisance text-to-landline messages to the Bridgewater Police Service. The messages were of a concerning nature surrounding the well being of another individual who was found to be fine, court heard. In December 2016, MacKay sent ongoing text messages to a neighbour suggesting "There was going to be damage done to the home," Crown attorney Josh Bryson said. The circumstances also involved a fence post being left under the tires of a vehicle, court heard. MacKay was subject to court ordered conditions at the time of the offences. MacKay will be on house arrest for the first half of the sentence and must adhere to a nightly curfew during the second half. Court heard that MacKay, who was sentenced August 31, deals with learning and cognitive challenges.

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