The 3-3-3 rule of adopting a rescue dog


  • <p>CONTRIBUTED PHOTO</p><p>Brody was returned to SHAID twice before just recently finding his perfect forever home. He is one of our biggest success stories.</p>
  • <p>CONTRIBUTED PHOTO</p><p>Freya is a one-year-old lab who quickly found her forever home with a young, active couple who can&#8217;t wait to shower her with love and adventures.</p>

Manager, SHAID Tree Animal Shelter

Every dog is unique, but rescues are special in that they know they were rescued from bad situations, whether that be an abusive home, experiencing the death of their beloved owner, or a family break-up and being cast aside.

We want to share this information in case it can help just one dog from being abruptly returned to a shelter or rehomed to yet another home because their humans didn't realize that rescue dogs need time to adjust to their new life.

When you bring home your new rescue dog, it takes an average three days to decompress. During this time, she may hide from you, or bark fearfully at you and your family and friends as she is meeting all kinds of new people. She may not feel like eating or drinking; she is confused and scared. She may test boundaries and she will definitely not be acting like herself.

It takes an average of three weeks for her to start feeling like this just might be her new forever home. She is starting to learn your routine and starting to feel comfortable in her home. She may act up and continue to test boundaries to learn her place. She's starting to settle in and be comfortable in her own skin.

By three months, she has created a solid bond with you. She is at ease knowing this is her home and she is feeling loved and secure. And she will spend the rest of her life thanking you for giving her this chance.

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