Taking care of the Queens

A few months ago, as anticipated, we started intaking female cats who were visibly pregnant. We had several foster homes lined up for pregnant cats (also known as 'Queens') so the formerly stray mamas could have their babies in the comfort and safety of a warm home with regular meals. The Queens are all tested for feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency, and treated for parasites prior to leaving the shelter.

Our dedicated foster homes have been taking amazing care of these little families and as they approach eight weeks old, they are being brought back to the shelter and treated for parasites, vaccinated, vet-checked, and microchipped. Then their biographies and pictures are posted to our facebook page (SHAID Tree Animal Shelter) and applications are open!

Kitten applications are available on our website at www.shaidanimalshelter.com and our adoption fees for kittens are $375; this includes two dewormings, two flea treatments, two vaccinations, vet check, microchip, one month of free pet insurance, and their future spay or neuter (performed at around six months of age).

To date, we have had six Queens complete their foster home terms, successfully birthing and raising their litters: Jemima and her four kittens, Waffle, Crepe, Pancake and French Toast; Iduna and her four babies Olaf, Kristoff, Elsa and Anna; Skunkie and her baby Chunky; Munchie and her five babies Poptart, Party Mix, Cosmic Brownie, Fruit Rollup, and Krispies; Ebony and her six littles Willow, Keziah, Rowan, Inky, Binx, and Blake, and April Showers and her six kittens Foxglove, Crocus, Daffodil, Peony, Azalea, and Dandelion – and there are always more coming in, so stay tuned.

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