Smoke condition prompts temporary evacuation of Bridgewater apartment building tenants

by Keith Corcoran

There were no injuries but more than 90 people temporarily evacuated their Bridgewater apartments after a pot on a stove burned dry and scorched part of a microwave, causing a smoke condition inside the Drumlin Hills complex.

Emergency crews were alerted at about 1:20 p.m., October 17, about a small fire inside a third floor unit at the Glen Allan Drive building, which is geared toward seniors.

  • <p>KEITH CORCORAN, PHOTO</p><p>Emergency crews at Glen Allan Drive scene in Bridgewater.</p>

Michael Nauss, chief of the Bridgewater volunteer fire department, said responders were told the fire was out but smoke had filled the apartment.

Oakhill, Dayspring and Northfield district volunteer fire departments were also summoned to the scene, in addition to paramedics and police.

First responders helped with evacuations and clearing smoke from the building.

The apartment in question sustained smoke damage and requires attention before the man and woman living there are permitted to return.

Tenants not impacted by the incident were allowed back to their respective apartments by about 2:30 p.m.

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