Signage trumps cul-de-sac for Old Falls Road in Liverpool

by Keith Corcoran

Region of Queens council opted for signage in hopes of quelling Old Falls Road traffic complaints instead of transforming the strip into a cul-de-sac, as property owners in the area originally wanted.

Council asked staff to install signs informing motorists of "No Thru Traffic" and "No Access to Highway 8" if the route is taken.

The two signs and posts, along with installation, are expected to cost up to $500 and will be funded from the current budget.

Council voted down an idea, previously raised by a councillor and a resident, to reach out to Nova Scotia's Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal about additional messaging informing drivers about the available exit to Highway 8 at the set of traffic lights lights.

The decision on signage was based on one of three recommendations put forward by Queens district RCMP, which polices traffic in the county and was asked by council for an opinion.

A report signed by Staff Sgt. Dan Archibald and Cpl. John Harris, raised four possibilities to council, including the No Thru Traffic signage, "which would be enforceable by RCMP under the Motor Vehicle Act."

The offence would be Failing to Obey Traffic Sign or Signal, punishable by a $180 fine. The marker concerning lack of access to Highway 8 "at the beginning of Old Falls Road would be of benefit to motorists," reads the report.

One of the options raised by Mounties was conversion to a dead-end street, putting the cul-de-sac "at the base of the street nearest to Highway 8 as the risk of an accident in vehicles returning up the hill would be considered minimal." There are no previous reports of a motor vehicle collisions on the RCMP records.

The last suggestion was changing Old Falls Road to a one-way street. "This would eliminate the traffic flow from drivers using Old Falls Road as an alternative to avoiding the traffic light on Highway 8 and Highway 3 intersection," reads the RCMP's report, which did not consider financial aspects of the recommendations.

When residents of Old Falls Road petitioned council in September, requesting their strip become a dead-end street, Region of Queens estimated a cul-de-sac would cost up to $130,000, prior to any acquisition of lands.

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