Shunpiking through art on Father’s Day


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BLUE ROCKS - If you want to do something special with your family for Father's Day, the South Shore Shunpike is the place you want to be!

"Shunpiking is just a fun way of staying off the beaten path or using the backroads. It's Father's day, get off the highway, come visit some artists," said Jason Ransom, organizer.

From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on June 16th, between Blue Rocks and Stonehurst South and North, there will be 14 artists and small studios to explore. Called "the biggest little studio crawl on the South Shore," from photographers to painters to a chocolatier, you will be able to admire the work of these talented people paired with the stunning views along the shore.

Photographer Jason Ransom, who calls Stonehurst home is "excited" to showcase the artists in the area, "We've got a lot of really talented people out here."

"We're also really excited to start a new event for Father's Day. A lot of people are looking for things to do with their dads, their families, their friends, and that's why we picked this weekend so going forward people will know that the South Shore Shunpike is on Father's Day."

Artisans/studios participating in Blue Rocks include: Hen House Studio, Marion Zinck, Robert Daniells, and Marie Christie Searle, Blue Hog Gallery, Annika Groebner, and Funky Fishers. In Stonehurst, you can check out Tiny Chairs Studio, Jane Holbrook, Liz Sweet Hammond, Susan Fey, Jason and Deb Ransom, and John Batten. "Its quite an eclectic group but certainly all of them are very exciting," said Ransom.

Jason and his wife, Deb, moved to Stonehurst from Ontario in 2021 and he said they are happy to call the South Shore home. Along with offering tours, they operate the Lunenburg Retreat which also offers kayak rentals and accommodation.

He has an impressive resume including being a photographer for the Prime Minister and has been to four Olympics. They continue to act as guides in the Arctic and Antarctica over the winters.

"My little gallery is full of pictures of penguins and polar bears," he said.

During the studio crawl, they will be operating a wharf to wharf water taxi ride between five different wharfs in the area, so you can get a view of everything along the shoreline and at each location you can get out, walk around and visit the studios.

As a bonus, all of the participating artists have donated a piece and afterwards there will be a draw. "It's like a passport - if you go to a minimum of four galleries you have a chance to win one of the 14/15 pieces of art," said Ransom.

This year they plan to keep everything "organic", small, and simple, but the potential for growth is acknowledged. "I have a feeling that in the next couple years it will expand right into Lunenburg and then North, towards Halifax," said Ransom.

For more information go to southshoreshunpike.com or visit the Facebook group: South Shore Shunpike.

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