Oakland senior launches the Pamela G

by Keith Corcoran

Dozens of friends, along with four generations of Ray Creery's family, gathered near Mahone Bay to mark the launch of a sailing dinghy the 93-year-old started building 10 years ago.

Creery told LighthouseNOW he's embarrassed to tell people that it took that long to build the four-metre vessel. The retired navy man and Oakland resident said he was busy doing other things and didn't get around to constructing it on a consistent basis.

  • <p>KEITH CORCORAN PHOTO</p><p>Ray Creery and the Pamela G before it&#8217;s launched August 26 near Mahone Bay.</p>

"But at least I finished it," he said.

A magazine competition asking readers to build a modern version of a popular boat from a 1930s era children's story inspired the creation. Creery asked for the design and began building it accordingly.

An August 26 launch party took place on the grounds near Creery's Oakland Road boat shop. It was intended to be a celebration among a few invited friends to help push the boat onto the water, but things "got carried away," Creery said with a grin, and the number of intendees spiked.

A bottle of champagne was busted over the hull of the boat - a good luck tradition - before it was rolled to the water and launched. It was rigged at a mooring and Creery was on board for a sailing demo not far from shore.

The dinghy is named the Pamela G, after Creery's wife who died in 2015.

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