Municipality of Chester Council accepts former Haughn estate

by Michael Lee

  • <p>MICHAEL LEE PHOTO</p><p>The home of the late Daniel J.D. Haughn, found at 4956 Highway 3 in Marriott&#8217;s Cove, pictured July 2017.</p>

The Municipality of Chester has accepted the estate of the late Daniel J.D. Haughn.

Council voted to take the property - which includes four parcels of land bordered by Middle River Road and Highway 3 in Marriott's Cove, as well as Haughn's personal home - at a meeting on September 14.

Haughn was a well-known figure in the Chester area who was involved in the creation of the Chester Municipal Heritage Society.

He died on February 13 at the age of 69 and in his last will and testament passed his personal estate over to the municipality.

Warden Allen Webber said the municipality has not made any decisions on what to do with the property.

It is believed Haughn would have wanted his home, a registered municipal heritage property since 1991, made open to the public, but those who knew Haughn have questioned the home's historic value and its potential as a museum.

The home will also require fixing in order to protect it and the contents inside over the winter.

Webber said council will likely come to a decision on what to do with the property sometime in the spring.

"It's wide open at this point. There was no good reason not to take a gift, but it's not clear to us how best to utilize it at this point, and that's going to require a bunch of discussion not only at the council table but [we'll] probably bring in some outside groups."

Haughn owned the home with his friend and late business partner, former MLA John Chataway, in the 1970s. The home itself was built in 1839.

The contents of the home will either go to the municipality, be returned to their respective benefactors, or be donated to a museum or heritage society.

Everything else will be put into a trust dedicated to helping organizations involved in heritage or recreation. The trust, once created, could be worth up to $700,000 or more.

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