Lunenburg not declaring climate emergency

by Keith Corcoran

Confident environmental protocols and considerations have a profile in its comprehensive community plan, the Town of Lunenburg isn't taking immediate action to join other Nova Scotia municipalities and declare a climate emergency.

Council, in a decision reached in June, believed it would be best to find out what such a declaration entails and what obligations may need to be met so any such commitment is done responsibly.

"The environment section of the [community] plan deals foremost with climate mitigation and adaptation from the town's perspective, so I think it's well considered there," noted Councilor Matt Risser.

It was back in February when the environmental advocacy group Extinction Rebellion called on Lunenburg to declare a climate emergency and develop plans to further cut greenhouse gas emissions, protect the environment and transition to sustainable energy sources.

Roy Gordon, a representative of the movement, told council back in February the town's climate action plan contains steps toward reducing and adapting to the effects of climate change, but still requested the formal acknowledgement from the town.

"I know that protecting Lunenburg is important to all of us," Gordon said at the time. "It is our home, a world heritage site, important cultural centre, and popular tourism destination and offers wonderful food, cultural activities and scenery."

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