Canada Post mum on cost of moving Glen Allen Drive community post boxes

by Keith Corcoran

  • <p>A screengrab of a Town of Bridgewater street classification map, showing the future extension of Roundhouse Drive.</p>

Canada Post didn't know the Bridgewater community mailboxes established 11 years ago along Glen Allan Drive would one day need to be moved to make way for a future street extension and intersection. And the federal Crown corporation won't disclose how much it cost taxpayers to dismantle the location in recent months and relocate the boxes down the road to the fieldhouse.

"We do not disclose operational costs of this nature," a spokesperson for the agency told LighthouseNOW.

"When the community mailboxes were initially installed at this location in 2009, and when they were upgraded last year, Canada Post was not aware of any planned redevelopment that would affect the location of these mailboxes," Hayley Magermans said.

Bridgewater asked Canada Post to move the boxes. Both sides "consulted cooperatively on the new location," Patrick Hirtle, a town spokesman, explained to LighthouseNOW.

The community mailboxes are now at 543 Glen Allan Drive, along the driveway leading to the HB Studios Sports Centre, which is town-owned property.

Canada Post didn't pay the town to put the boxes there, nor is there a lease agreement.

"After consideration, the new location was agreed upon as it met Canada Post's siting criteria and was deemed safe and convenient for the residents that it will serve," Hirtle added.

The decision to relocate the mailboxes was made due to safety considerations regarding the close proximity to a new intersection as that part of Bridgewater is being further developed, Canada Post said.

"The safety of our employees and customers are our top priority," Magermans said. "Our local operations and delivery services teams worked closely with the Town of Bridgewater and the community on approval of the new location for their community mailbox, which has been well received."

The below-street infrastructure work on Glen Allan Drive was designed and built with the future Roundhouse Drive intersection in mind in 2006, Nick Brown, a development official with the town, told LighthouseNOW.

The timing of Roundhouse Drive's extension to meet Glen Allan Drive, in the area of civic addresses 407 and 423 Glen Allan Drive, is contingent on a civic government-approved bonding agreement to construct the street and services, and is subject to a pending purchase agreement of the lands in question.

"It's anticipated those matters will come forward to council for consideration in the coming months," Hirtle said.

A Bridgewater-based company, Ziegler Homes, is developing the Roundhouse Drive area. The future street extension area involves three hectares of property currently owned by the town.

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