Business park at centre of several road projects ahead of Highway 103 interchange work

by Keith Corcoran

The travelling public can expect to encounter traffic snarls at multiple spots within Bridgewater's industrial park until the end of the year as reconfiguration work continues ahead of the scheduled 2021 construction of a new Highway 103 interchange.

The jobs will impact seven streets and intersections.

"Each of these projects will improve vehicular and pedestrian access to and flow around and within the business park, with both public access and safety in mind," Patrick Hirtle, a spokesman for the Town of Bridgewater, recently told LighthouseNOW. "We anticipate that these improvement projects will ultimately spur more private investment in the Bridgewater Business Park, particularly as new opportunities emerge with the coming interchange project."

Work to realign North Park Street and widening the street at the intersection with St. Phillips Street was expected to have started by now. The job includes new pavement, new curb and gutter.

"We do expect that multiple locations will be worked on simultaneously by the contractor, so the public should expect to encounter traffic disruptions at three or four different sites and plan their travel time in and around the business park accordingly," Hirtle said.

Additional projects include:

- Adding a right-turn lane from Wentzell Drive on to Logan Road, plus new curb and gutter and sidewalk

- Installing a right-turning lane from York Street on to Victoria Road, plus additional curb and gutter and sidewalk, and traffic light replacement

- More turning lanes and an intersection realignment at York Street and North Park Street, plus curb and gutter and sidewalk

- A new right-turning lane onto North Park Street from Wentzell Drive, including a new concrete island

- A new power pole to support a new overhead red flashing beacon, as well as line painting at the intersection of Victoria Road and St. Phillips Street (no invasive subsurface work planned to take place here)

"There is some land assembly still taking place," Hirtle pointed out.

"The Town of Bridgewater will be notified prior to work starting at the additional sites and we will alert motorists via our usual channels on social media and the www.bridgewater.ca/roads roadworks map," he added.

This work is captured in Bridgewater's $4.2 million commitment to the Highway 103 interchange project of which $1 million has been earmarked in this year's capital budget. The overall interchange project is cost-shared among other levels of government.

The St. Phillips Street playground is temporarily closed to the public while the intersection work at the corner of St. Phillips and North Park Street takes place.

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