Former Lunenburg library property converting to residential, commercial use

The new owner of Lunenburg's former public library building is establishing residential units and commercial use at the Pelham Street property.

"I am expanding the building to be commercial/retail on the bottom floor, and two floors of small one-bedroom modern apartments above. They will be available for rent sometime in late spring ... they are already filling." Dr. Christian Hackshaw, the building's owner, told LighthouseNOW in an email.

AdvanceMD, headed by Hackshaw, a Chester Basin-based physician, bought the 500 square-metre property from the town in September 2019 for $265,000.

The site was available for $369,000 and was on the market for less than a year before it was sold.

Library services in town moved to Kaulbach Street's Lunenburg Academy in 2018.

Provincial legislation allows municipalities to sell property at market value when the property is no longer required for the purposes of the municipality.

Women's support services and education charity gets $20,000 grant

Lunenburg's Second Story Women's Centre received a five-figure grant from a corporate program that contributes to mental health supports and services.

The local charity will use the $20,000 from the Bell Let's Talk Community Fund toward "an outreach coordinator who will work with the counsellors to build a strong trauma-informed support system for 60 survivors of human trafficking and sexual assault," according to a statement posted online announcing the financial support.

The money will help those impacted by gender-based violence to access help. The pandemic has shown there are high numbers of incidents and challenges with victims getting aid.

The cash will work toward mitigating "further long-term risk to victims ... by offering virtual and distanced in-person support," Rhonda Lemire, the Second Story Women's Centre's executive director, said in the statement.

To learn more about the charity, and its programs, check out https://www.secondstory.ca on the internet

Tenants evacuate Bridgewater home after smoke condition

No one was hurt but occupants of two apartments in a Dufferin Street home temporarily evacuated after smoke was found in the basement.

"A tenant smelled smoke and started to go look for it," Michael Nauss, chief of Bridgewater's volunteer fire department, told LighthouseNOW.

The tenant's investigation led her to the unfinished basement where furnace and water utilities serve her ground floor unit and the upstairs apartment. It was there she noticed a light haze, Nauss said.

Firefighters were summoned to the building just before 9 p.m., December 3, in response to a fire alarm activation. Five tenants in total evacuated the structure, Nauss said.

The fire was out by the time emergency crews arrived. The cause of the fire is undetermined.

"Whatever was burning was out and we put positive pressure fans out and blew the smoke out of the building," Nauss said.

A plastic vapour barrier located at the bottom of the basement steps melted, causing the smoke condition, the fire chief added.

The building is still habitable and damage was minimal.

Firefighters were on scene until about 10:15 p.m.

Shed burns in Blockhouse

A shed in Blockhouse was destroyed by fire after a small, controlled brush burn had other plans.

Volunteer firefighters from Blockhouse, Oakhill, and Mahone Bay were summoned December 6 to a Highway 325 address where the incident occurred. Emergency crews were dispatched around 3:30 p.m.

The structure already burned to the ground by the time responders arrived. There were no injuries.

Wind conditions increased, causing the flames to catch onto the building, Paula MacDonald, Blockhouse's fire chief, told LighthouseNOW in a text message.

First responders cleared the scene within a couple of hours.

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