Bridgewater town hall gets $30,000 heat pump upgrade

A Bridgewater company submitted the successful bid for the first phase of modifications to the town hall's heat pump system.

Rhyno's, off North Street, was awarded the procurement to deal with issues concerning one of the levels of the town hall where at time it's "too hot for staff to work" because of "excessive heat.

"In 2018 operable windows along with special UV blocking glass was installed in each level four office to alleviate the overheating, with little relief," facilities supervisor Kirk Wentzell said a report to council.

The existing system was installed six years ago.

"Since the completion of this installation we have experienced numerous issues with the system including difficulties controlling a reasonable climate within the building," Wentzell added. "As well the system does not have the capacity to switch over automatically from heating to cooling or vice versa so it must be done manually, multiple times daily during the shoulder seasons."

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