An open letter to our LighthouseNOW and Advocate family and our community from Sean and Crystal Murray

To: Advocate Family & Our Community

We care deeply about community. In recent days, we been inspired by the rise of community spirit as we collectively support our fellow citizens from a distance.

Our publications, reporters and editors are working tirelessly to report on what matters to the communities of interest and geographic communities we serve. We ask that you reach out to us to share your stories, your inspirations, your photos, your concerns and your thoughts. It has never been more important to communicate with each other though trusted media.

With a state of emergency declared, we must do what is right for our neighbours, our communities, our region, our country and our company. The reality that has been thrust upon us, will be a marathon rather than a sprint. Informed projections estimate that we will participating in these necessary but extraordinary measures for some time to come. While we do not have situational clarity – we have certainty – We must all act for the collective good.

It has been a heartbreaking week. We have seen dramatic changes in our communities and our economy. We feel for everyone affected. We are taking actions to protect the long-term sustainable viability of our organization, our clients and stakeholders. During each of the last few days, business in our region has changed in ways we could not have imagined just hours before. We are working very hard to do the right things for our Advocate Family, our clients, our community and our company. However difficult, now is the time we must act.

We have seen the closure of many of our loyal clients and expect more with emergencies declared in some provinces. Over the past few days we have taken the necessary steps to temporarily reduce the Advocate workforce. Providing essential services, we continue to produce much needed products for essential communication, manufacturing signage, printing, distributing and publishing. Despite major shifts in demand, we are continually adapting to meet those demands.

The Advocate Family is an amazing group. A group we are proud to be part of. We will have many excellent team members and friends that will be asked to temporarily step back from the important work they do. These were incredibly hard decisions. We want to make it clear that temporary layoffs do not diminish the

importance of the work performed or our desire to work with our team until retirement. As we work to deliver for our clients, we must manage expenses. It would be irresponsible for all of our futures if we failed to act now.

We sincerely want to thank our team for their understanding and pledge of support. If you are on temporary layoff. If you are doing your job differently. If you are thinking of the safety of others. If you are flexible with your work environments, you are doing your part for our collective future. We are constantly monitoring this situation and will do our best to keep you informed as events evolve.

While it has been difficult, we have never been more proud of the Advocate team. Their compassion, their offers of support, their selflessness and their passion have simply been inspiring.

We are proud all of you all! Stay safe - keep your distance - be kind to others! Think before you shop! Support those that support our communities. Our neighbours are counting on us!


Sean and Crystal

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