Adoptables of the week

by KELLY INGLIS, manager

  • <p>KELLY INGLIS PHOTO</p><p>Eight-week-old Bumble (also of our Bee litter) is a sweet and shy female.</p>
  • <p>KELLY INGLIS PHOTO</p><p>Eight-week-old Comb of our Bee litter will soon be available via application.</p>

SHAID Tree Animal Shelter

Here at SHAID Tree Animal Shelter, we are nearing the end of "kitten season," which generally encompasses March to November. One unspayed female cat living outdoors has an average of three litters per year, which can be so difficult on their bodies, not to mention the impact on homeless and abandoned cat populations!

Our kittens are available by application only and make their debut on Facebook when they are ready to find their forever homes. A few litters to watch for are Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. These are three, eight-week-old brothers (all short-haired, one black tabby, two solid black); and Honey, Bumble, Hive, Comb, and Buzz; three males and two females who are also eight weeks old and all long-haired (two solid black, two black and white, and one black tabby).

Also coming up are Tic, Tac, and Toe, a three-month-old trio of short-haired mackeral tabby brothers; and Everest, Alps, Rushmore, and Fuji, also three months old (one solid short-haired white, one short-haired mackeral tabby, and two long-haired calicos).

We are still actively searching for a special home for a very special boy named Phoenix, a four-year-old, long-haired silver tabby. Phoenix came to us this spring paralyzed with pain from untreated constipation and went through months of medication, tests, and dietary changes to try and get his inflammatory bowel disease, constipation, and pancreatitis under control.

This has been happily accomplished and while he may still require daily medications and a strict diet, he will give you back everything and more with his love and hilarious antics. Drop in and meet Phoenix and let him win your heart. He deserves the best home.

Donations are always needed. If you have any extras of the following items, we (and the resident animals) would greatly appreciate them: canned cat and kitten food, dry cat and kitten kibble, blue Dawn dish soap, paper towel, toilet paper, copy paper, postage stamps, wood pellets, and water softener salt. As always, thank you to our amazing community for your continued support to allow homeless and abandoned animals to receive the care and help they need to find their forever homes.

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