REIBLING, Guenther and Susan


It is with profound sadness that as a family we announce the passing of our beloved parents, Guenther (68) and Susan Reibling (72) of Corkum’s Island on Sunday, July 5th. Born in Munich, Germany, Guenther was the son of the late Lorinc and Gertrude (Ebert) Reibling and Susan, born in Montreal, daughter of the late Thomas and Ethelyn Jane (Spindler) Covey. Susan was a dedicated wife, mother and accomplished decorator. She was the leader of our home. She was the glue that held the family together giving Guenther freedom to pursue his passion for real estate and to fulfill his dreams. She loved her children immensely and was the perennial super mom, always putting her family first. Full of energy, excitement and a touch of class, she was loved by those who knew her. Guenther was a committed husband, father and respected business leader. Devoted to both his home and work families, he enjoyed building and developing and doing deals; yet everything he did was for Susan and his sons. He loved Susan and his boys dearly, and always looked forward to coming home to drive the tractor and sit by the fire. Those who knew Guenther admired his tenacity, wit and kindness. Their story began in Pompano Beach, Florida and ended at their home in Lunenburg. Lunenburg has been home for nearly 30 years and they cherished every moment. Active in the community and patrons of the arts, they loved contributing to the greatness of Lunenburg and its storied heritage. Their crowning achievements were UNESCO Fresco, a frequently photographed row of several colorful buildings along King Street, and their patronage of LAMP, the Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance. Together they were a team who never gave up. Their devotion and perseverance to each other were indispensable to their achievements. Their faith, integrity, composure and generosity to both family and friends were just some of the many qualities that made them so loved. Guenther and Susan are survived by their sons, Christopher, of Florida; Timothy (Monika) of Lunenburg and Matthew (Gianina) of Texas. Additionally they have four grandchildren, Thomas Wyatt, Tatum Olivia, Grayson Hugh and Anabelle Sue. Guenther is survived by his brother, Lorenz (Laura) Reibling of New Hampshire and Susan is survived by her brother, John (Madeline) Covey of Montreal. Goodbye Mom and Dad, you are deeply loved and will be forever missed. May you both rest peacefully for eternity. A memorial service to celebrate the lives of Guenther and Susan Reibling will be held on Saturday, August 8th at 11:00 a.m. at LAMP (Lunenburg Academy- 3rd Floor), Lunenburg. Due to COVID precautions seating will be to a maximum of 70 people and those in attendance are required to wear a mask. For those who are unable to attend a live-stream of the memorial will be provided at

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