Wetland ruled out as part of Liverpool odour

by Lighthouse Staff

The Region of Queens Municipality (RQM) no longer believes the tidal wetland along Hank Snow Drive is the source of the stench that has plagued Liverpool since the first week of June.

RQM issued an update August 5 that concluded "there is no visible impairment, loss of function, or other sign of wetland distress that would indicate that the marsh is the cause of the prolonged, persistent and intense odour that the community has been experiencing. Therefore, other potential sources of odour should be investigated."

The wetland was ruled out as the cause of the smell as part of an ongoing, evidence-based decision process, which included a review of the marsh in July by a wetlands and environmental specialist company.

Last month, experts recommended de-sludging of the primary cell at the sewage treatment centre facility, which they believe may be the source of the smell.

Work began on the process about a week-and-a-half ago, however, the contractor's equipment broke down for about a week. Now the work is expected to be done by early next week.

RQM Mayor David Dagley says, "we want to make sure we get this rectified and get it done as soon as we can."

The wastewater treatment facility and aerated lagoons were constructed in 2001 with a projected dredge cycle of from 25 to 30 years. Experts opine that while dredging was premature at 18 years of operation, de-sludging of the primary lagoon should occur as soon as possible due to the existing odour issue.

Dagley said that they may move up the de-sludging time to every 15 or 16 years because of the current situation.

He also stated that although he thinks that de-sludging is the solution to getting rid of the smell, staff is continuing to work at investigating other sources that may also be contributing to the odour.

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