Town to dismantle unsanctioned play gear in Glen Allan Park

by Keith Corcoran

  • <p>KEITH CORCORAN, PHOTO</p><p>This unauthorized play gear was installed at Glen Allan Park in Bridgewater.</p>

A homemade zip-line set-up in a Bridgewater park is coming down with a caution from the town about installing unsanctioned equipment on public property.

The gear in Glen Allan Park, on the town's east side, wasn't established by town staff. A cable wrapped between two trees, along with a pulley system, and a pipe handle-grip assembled by rope, were spotted near the Streatch Drive trail access in-and-out of the Bridgewater-owned park. Wooden planks nailed to a tree offered a route to the highest point for anyone to attempt the ride.

"We'd like to remind residents of all ages that while we want our community to find creative ways to be active, the public shouldn't be installing their own equipment in town parks," Patrick Hirtle, a spokesman for the town, told LighthouseNOW.

"There are safety and liability concerns that go along with equipment that is placed on town property. While we love the enthusiasm of the folks who set this up, it's the kind of thing that either needs to be done on their own private property or, perhaps, in partnership with the town."

Recreation staff were expected to remove the equipment as soon as they were available.

"We're always interested in hearing what the community has for suggestions to improve our parks, but there's a process to that," Hirtle said, "and we would ask our residents to reach out to us first before taking the initiative and doing their own installations on town lands."

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