Tossing lotto leftovers on highway results in a $410 fine

A Queens County man received a $410 fine for littering after tossing out some pull tab lotto tickets from his vehicle, instead of placing them in a trash bin.

Queens District RCMP said the man, 66, received the fine last week after an "independent witness" informed police that the man had littered.

The RCMP said in a news release that they wanted to remind county residents that it's an offence to litter in the province and that they are continuing their efforts along with the Region of Queens Municipality to keep county roads clean and litter-free.

Pull tab tickets and fast food waste are the most common forms of roadside litter in the county, police said in a release, adding that they and the region have made a concerted effort in the past year to raise awareness of the issue, and persuade motorists to hold to dispose of their garbage properly.

In recent months police have used highway checkpoints to hand out disposal information and small, vehicle garbage bags to motorists in an effort to cut down on the problem.

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