Threatening note found at Forest Heights likely a hoax

by Brittany Wentzell

  • <p>FILE PHOTO</p><p>Police are still present at Forest Heights Community School as a result of a note that was found over the weekend threatening a school shooting on Monday.</p>

A threatening note found at Forest Heights Community School over the weekend led to a police presence at the school on Monday, but police say the threat was likely a hoax.

A note threatening a school shooting was found in a washroom in the school over the weekend and RCMP received two complaints over the weekend regarding the threats.

Since then, Corporal Dal Hutchinson, communications for Nova Scotia RCMP, says local RCMP officers have been conducting an investigation, including interviewing multiple people to attempt to determine who wrote the note.

"I cannot stress enough that a thorough investigation was done by the members. They interviewed a lot of people and were able to determine this was a hoax more than anything," said Hutchinson.

As a precaution, police were stationed at Forest Heights for the school day, but Hutchinson is confident that the threat was not real.

"We do not feel there is any risk to the students or the public at this time," he said.

He says the note writer has not been identified, yet but charges could potentially be laid when they do i.d. the individual.

"People need to realize that doing things such as this, disrupts a lot of people ... it has a huge impact on the community, it's not funny, it's serious, and a person could potentially be charged with a criminal code [offence] were they found to be guilty of having committed this act by putting that note in there," said Hutchinson.

LighthouseNOW has reached out to the South Shore Regional School Board for comment.

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