Subdivision developer aided by land, street deals with Bridgewater

by Keith Corcoran

  • <p>A rendering of the Osprey Sound concept, on Bridgewater&#8217;s east side, provided to town council.</p>

Bridgewater-based developer Ziegler Homes is acquiring five hectares of town property to continue work on an east-side subdivision project.

The company is paying Bridgewater $80,000 for the land so it can maintain a housing construction concept that, in the future, includes extensions of Langille Drive and Roundhouse Drive. The new development will be known as Osprey Sound, and is in the Glen Allan area subdivision. Roundhouse Drive will extend east and connect with Glen Allan Drive.

Bridgewater received Ziegler Homes's proposal in late July. Town council authorized the agreement during a regular meeting in September.

The town also accepted the deed for the partial extension of Roundhouse Drive, accepting it as a public street. Ziegler Homes has to complete below-surface water and sewer service lines - and finish building the road itself - by October 2021. The firm has also made the request so it can finish three homes fronting a neighbouring street, Gow Drive.

The full Osprey Sound development is to be finished in phases. Bridgewater has seen the concept plan to better understand street interconnections, emergency access, servicing, and stormwater management.

"In order to complete the homes fronting onto Gow Drive, which obtain their services from Roundhouse Drive, the looping [to Glen Allan Drive] of the watermain is a requirement," reads part of a report to civic politicians from Nick Brown, the town's development officer.

Canada Post had to move a Glen Allan Drive community mailbox from the area between civic addresses 407 and 423 earlier this year to make way for the future Roundhouse Drive extension.

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