Still a lot of shorebirds hanging around


  • <p>JAMES R. HIRTLE PHOTO</p><p>A yellow warbler spotted at Dublin Shore Aug. 29.</p>

On Aug. 28 I did shorebird surveys at Broad Cove Beach and at Crescent Beach. There were still lots of shorebirds on the move at both beaches.

At Broad Cove Beach I saw three willets, 24 semi-palmated sandpipers, nine least sandpipers, two white-rumped sandpipers, three greater yellowlegs, and 11 lesser yellowlegs, I was also pleased to see a gray catbird, six yellow-rumped warblers, and a yellow warbler.

At Crescent Beach I counted three lesser yellow-legs, one least sandpiper, 497 semi-palmated plovers, 51 black-bellied plovers, 15 short-billed dowitchers and one greater yellowlegs. On Aug. 29, Christine Inge sighted a ruddy turnstone there.

Aug. 28 produced a yellow warbler at Dublin Shore. On Aug. 30 I had a barred owl along the Bay to Bay Trail off the Fauxburg Road in Mahone Bay. There were some warblers on the move with one American redstart, two northern parulas and an ovenbird.

Along the Dynamite Trail at Clearland I had one blackburnian warbler, a northern parula and a yellow-rumped warbler. Oakland produced five yellow-rumped warblers and a chestnut-sided warbler. There are fewer reports of ruby-throated hummingbirds with many reports that they have left.

Most of the resident birds have headed off in migration. On Aug. 31 there was still one present at LaHave. Those that are showing up now at our feeders are birds moving through in migration.

Steven Hiltz saw a great egret at Silver Point Road in Garden Lots on Aug. 26. Barbara McLean reported likely the same bird at the Back Oler Farm Marsh in Garden Lots on Aug. 31.

On Aug. 23, Rus Lantz sighted a little blue heron at Whynott's Settlement along the Mullock Road. This bird did not hang around. On Aug. 25, Diane Clarke saw a snowy egret at Miller's Point Peace Park in Dayspring. This bird also did not stay in the area.

Eric Mills reported large numbers of red-breasted nuthatches moving out of the province at Brier Island. Alix d-Entremont also reported a large number of these birds moving through Yarmouth. Christopher Clute mentioned seeing a lot at Card Lake.

On Aug. 20 a marbled godwit was reported at the Port Morien Sandbar by Steve McGrath. On Aug. 26 two Baird's sandpipers were found at Hartlen Point by Ray W. Jim Edsall had a black-billed cuckoo there on that day also. On Cape Sable Island on the same day Mark Dennis saw a green heron at West Head.

On Aug. 27 Ray W. sighted a lark sparrow at Harlen Point. On Aug. 29, Jim Edsall reported an orchard oriole there. Large numbers of American golden plovers were moving through at the Big Island Causeway. Ken McKenna counted 225 of them. There were still five Mississippi kites in Yarmouth at the time of writing.

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