Sanitary sewer system smoke testing on Bridgewater’s west side

by Keith Corcoran

  • <p>SOURCE: TOWN OF BRIDGEWATER</p><p>A graphic posted on the town&#8217;s website concerning the smoke testing taking place in August.</p>

This month Bridgewater is expected to wrap up a special examination of its sanitary sewer system on the west side of town that involves artificially-created fog being used to find any breaks or cracks.

The light gray, non-toxic smoke-like material, which looks like the stuff concert-goers would see from a fog machine, is a method slated to be used between August 17 and 21, and from August 24 to 26, to test for any deficiencies or leaks. The material is blown into manholes.

The so-called smoke testing shows things "which would not otherwise be easily located without more intrusive investigations, such as excavation," the town recently said on its website and social media in an advisory concerning the work.

Full details can be found here: https://www.bridgewater.ca/news-events/latest-news/2725-upcoming-smoke-testing-wastewater-system on the internet.

The project is part of an ongoing study of the system's inflow and infiltration being carried out by a Bedford-based firm. Residents living in the areas where smoke testing took place were notified about the operations.

"Plumes coming from plumbing vents and manhole rims during testing is normal," the town said. "Plumes located in other areas can indicate defects and will be noted and photographed."

"Most homes will only be in the test area for one or two set ups, and each set up takes approximately 30 minutes. Smoke test crews will walk around the outside of your house and yard looking for smoke exiting the sewer system. If you are home and see smoke inside or outside your home, you can notify a member of the test team on site."

The town's police department, volunteer fire department, and a local emergency dispatching company were among entities given a heads-up about the testing.

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