Road works prompt neighbour discord


  • <p>DONNA MARIE SNOWDEN, PHOTO</p><p>Garbage blown from the side of the Northfield Road down into a deep ditch in front of an elderly couple&#8217;s home.</p>

An elderly couple in Lunenburg County was targeted by someone disgruntled by the sight of garbage that the couple had left on the side of the road, which was destined for the waste site but then spilled into the eight-foot or so ditch in front of the couple's home.

Donna Marie Snowden went to check her home mailbox on Northfield Road on the morning of December 9 and found a cardboard sign affixed to it which read, "Snowden Dump Ditch."

"Why didn't they try to help us get it up out of there instead of doing that?" Snowden complained to LighthouseNOW.

Snowden promptly posted a photo of the sign on social media announcing, "We have a busy body on the Northfield Road here in Maitland."

The problem stems from work the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure had done on the Northfield Road earlier this year, according to Snowden.

"They did a fantastic job, but they built both sides of the road very high. There's next to no room between the pavement and the edge of the ditch to put our garbage out. The cars drive by and blow our garbage down the bank and into the ditch where there is water," she said.

Given their ages and state of health, Snowden said she and her husband are not in a position to climb down into the ditch and recover the bags, and they have no children to help them with it.

"Obviously someone with a narrow mind with nothing better to do with their time than to do this," suggested Snowden about the sign. "I thought it was mean," she said.

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