Region of Queens adopts new branding

by Kevin Mcbain

  • <p>Region of Queens Municipality&#8217;s new logo and tagline that they recently adopted.</p>


It's the "Queens Coast." The new brand for the Region of Queens County (RQM) will appear on signs, social media, and promotional material, along with the tag-line: "Seek Nature's Rewards."

RQM council unanimously approved the new branding at their council meeting February 11.

Staff from the municipality's economic development department and Halifax-based m5 Marketing Communications Group have worked for about nine months to bring the project to this point after it was decided the region needed something new.

Council decided the region had too many different brands, and wanted to consolidate them into one to promote RQM.

The purpose of the exercise was to find a brand that would entice people to come to visit the municipality, would attract new residents, and bring and encourage business development in the region.

A big challenge during the process was how to market all of Queens County as it is a large region. The intent is to get them here first and then promote the inland areas of Queens to see what we have to offer," said RQM Mayor David Dagley.

One of the avenues that m5 used in the project was to include a question on a provincial phone survey of 400 Nova Scotians related to the awareness of Queens County. The research showed that only 41 per cent of people surveyed were familiar with the region. Raising awareness of Queens County quickly became an important factor in developing the brand.

Public input was an important part of the process. Several public engagement sessions were held, an online survey was available as well. A kiosk put up at the Privateer Days festival, and the municipality's summer ambassador promoted the branding process, and asked for input.

Branding focuses on one aspect, the most recognizable or most popular, draw to a region or an entity.

Through conversations with residents in the region, the question was asked: What is the single strongest asset of RQM? The beauty of the beaches rose to the top of the list.

The tag-line is meant to convey the notion that the entire region also has unmatched beauty waiting to be explored.

The regions official name will still remain Region of Queens Municipality. Soon after the council decided on the new branding, the RQM social media platforms had been renamed.

Additionally, a comprehensive marketing strategy is currently being worked on.

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