Random questions for … Bridgewater mayor David Mitchell


  • <p>SOURCE: FACEBOOK/MAYOR DAVID MITCHELL</p><p>Bridgewater&#8217;s chief magistrate David Mitchell is &#8220;not that handy.&#8221;</p>

Random questions for ...

Bridgewater Mayor David Mitchell

1. Describe your most significant moment of bliss?

"I would say my most significant moment of bliss was lying in a two-person hammock on my honeymoon in Key Largo with my wife [Trina]. It was right next to the water and it was incredible."

2. When did you feel the most nostalgic?

"Whenever I am in Toronto, I usually take a subway ride up to where I used to be a scout leader and visit a dear friend who is still a leader. That takes me past my childhood home and sometimes my old school. That makes me feel really nostalgic every time."

3. What was the best meal you ever cooked?

"I cook a lot, and Trina and I have 'date night' every week where I try to cook something new and hopefully exciting. I think this one is a toss up between chicken picatta and a shrimp, curry and tomato soup over rice. Although I just made a garlic dijon salmon that was really good."

4. Describe the time you were most handy.

"The time I was most handy I was probably helping someone else because I'm generally not that handy."

5. When was the last time you felt like a kid?

"The last time I felt like a kid was probably the last time I was on my motorcycle. Riding is new to us and you can't help but feel young at heart when riding down the river road."

6. When were you most starstruck?

"This is an interesting one. Meeting vice-president Al Gore in 2019 and talking about Bridgewater was surreal, and I remember thinking a lot about how close he was to being president of the United States. Another fun one I remember is attending the Toronto Indy race in the 1990s and walking with a friend to our seats and almost being run over by Michael Douglas's golf cart. He stopped and was apologizing and we just stood there unable to speak. We were definitely starstruck."

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