RQM issues notice about foxes


  • <p>BETTY MEREDITH, PHOTO</p><p>A colony of foxes, like this one, has established itself in the woods around Beach Meadows Beach. The Region of Queens Municipality is asking people to avoid feeding them.</p>

Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The Region of Queens Municipality (RQM) is urging people to not feed foxes they encounter.

In particular, it's pointing to a colony of foxes that has established itself in the wooded area around Beach Meadows Beach.

"These foxes are wild animals, and we request that people do not feed them," stated a news release issued by the municipality. "This will cause them to become nuisance animals that pose a hazard to residents and a dependency on people."

On its website, the Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forestry advises that foxes are easily habituated to humans, and when they are actively fed by people their numbers can increase to the point where they exceed the landscape's ability to support them.

Being fed by humans encourage foxes to den closer to artificial food sources and continues the cycle of dependency on human food. And when this results in a higher population growth, foxes are also more susceptible to fatal diseases like mange and rabies.

Lands and Forestry also encourages people to not approach the animals, and suggests a number of other steps to to prevent foxes from becoming habituated to humans. These include keeping your property free of unsecured garbage, cleaning up spilled birdseed, not feeding your pets outdoors, and keeping small pets indoors or on a leash.

To learn more about wild foxes and how to keep them safe, go to: https://novascotia.ca/natr/wildlife/nuisance/fox.asp.

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