Quick response saves Mount Pleasant area home

by Kevin Mcbain


Fire trucks, ambulances and police rushed to a fire on the Mount Pleasant Road, believing someone - possibly in a wheelchair - was trapped in a burning house.

As it turned out, no one was injured in a structure fire the morning of May 1.

The fire was at a residence on the Mt. Pleasant Road, located near Huey Lake. The home is located on a grassy hill with a number of outbuildings located in the yard.

The call came into the LaHave and District Fire Department at 11:46 a.m. according to Captain Trevor Romkey.

"The call came in initially as a structure fire – trailer. It wasn't clear if it was a trailer, livable or a tow trailer," he said.

"One other message that went out to the Pleasantville Fire Department said that there was an entrapment and a persons stuck in the house and that they might be possibly in a wheelchair."

The RCMP and a truck from the LaHave department were quickly dispatched to the house, They checked, only to find it was unoccupied at the time.

The fire started in the trailer, destroying it and jumped to a greenhouse next to the house. There was no damage to the home itself.

An elderly father and his daughter live in the home and the daughter was outside of the home when she noticed the flames. She quickly called 911 and made sure her father was safe.

The water trucks arrived shortly after with units from LaHave, Pleasantville and Petite Riviere attending. There were about 18 firefighters, RCMP and EHS units in attendance.

The Conquerall Bank Fire Department sent a truck to back up Pleasantville and the Riverport Fire Department came across the ferry and waited at the LaHave Fire Department.

The cause of the fire is still to be determined, but Romkey says early indications show it may have been caused from a faulty electrical system.

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