Queens Sears outlet closing, owner cites trouble getting stock

by Brittany Wentzell

  • <p>BRITTANY WENTZELL PHOTO</p><p>The Sears Hometown store in Liverpool is closing its doors but the owner says he&#8217;ll be selling his own appliances, mattresses, and other items he used to sell through the franchise.</p>

Sears has been a staple in many small communities across Canada for decades, and although some remained open after recently announced store closures, the Liverpool outlet has decided to shutter its doors, citing troubles with the company, and reinvent itself as a new store.

Liverpool has had a Sears "hometown" store for decades. The store, located in MacPherson's on Bristol Avenue, was a place to pick up items ordered from the catalogue, but also to purchase larger items such as lawn mowers, mattresses, and various appliances.

That all comes to an end on September 15 since store owner, Horace MacPherson, has decided not to continue with the franchise, which he ran for over 25 years. However, MacPherson says he will continue to provide Liverpuddlians with many of these big name items, he'll just be sourcing them directly.

"We're going on our own, we're going to go directly to the manufacturers ourselves," said MacPherson. "There's a need for it in Liverpool and we just didn't want to lose the opportunity going forward to buy directly from the manufacturers."

Items ordered from the catalogue will also no longer be able to be picked up at MacPherson's. Those wishing to purchase Sears products will have to order them online and have them shipped to their homes.

In June, Sears announced it would lay off nearly 3,000 employees. Since the company filed for bankruptcy protection in June 2017, MacPherson says it became harder to get stock from the company, something he was already having problems starting some two or three years ago.

"The transition to sell under creditor protection is taking way too long so a lot of the dealers out there, hometown dealers, can't survive that long so they have to find a way to move forward," said MacPherson.

MacPherson says he isn't the only one who is experiencing this. He says Yarmouth is closing for similar reasons. LighthouseNOW called the company to confirm.

An employee said the store would be closing on August 24, but no further comment was given and a call was not returned by the owner of the franchise by deadline.

LighthouseNOW also reached out to the Bridgewater outlet for comment, but was declined.

Despite the changes to his store, MacPherson is optimistic.

"We've had a really positive response from us taking it over ourselves, they're sad to see Sears go but they're glad to see it not shut down completely," he said.

The outlet closes September 15 and reopens as a new store shortly after.

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