Province seeks public input on new Traffic Safety Act

The provincial government intends to introduce a new Traffic Safety Act this fall and is looking for public input on what changes should potentially be made to the rules of the road.

The new act would replace what the province refers to as the "outdated" Motor Vehicle Act.

One of the first areas the province wishes to update is the rules of the road, including distracted driving, bicycling, and speed limits.

"Nova Scotians are on our roads every day and we want to hear what they have to say as we develop the new act and regulations," Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Lloyd Hines said in a news release.

"The existing act was written in the early 1900s and we need to modernize our laws. We want the new act to be more flexible and responsive."

The Motor Vehicle Act hasn't been rewritten since the 1920s, though it has been amended many times. The new Traffic Safety Act will use flexible language so government can update it in the future, responding to changes in how the roads are used

For more information and to provide feedback visit, novascotia.ca/trafficsafetyact/ .

The deadline for feedback is Friday, June 8.

Written submissions can be sent to:

Traffic Safety Act Engagement/Policy and Planning

Department of Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal

P.O. Box 186

Halifax, NS B3J 2N2

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