Police seek help solving alleged stabbing incident in Bridgewater


A 22-year-old man found bleeding from several cuts won't tell police how or where he was hurt, nor whom or how many people may have been involved.

"He would not, and did not cooperate in the investigation by any means," Bridgewater's deputy police chief Danny MacPhee said of the man, who was assessed by paramedics and later released from South Shore Regional Hospital where he was treated. Law enforcement and paramedics were notified just before 4:30 p.m., March 2.

"We're really struggling to piece together a story with an uncooperative victim," told LighthouseNOW.

A worker at an Old Bridge Street bank noticed a man that he had told to move along from the business's vestibule had blood on his neck and hands, and indicated he'd been stabbed. MacPhee reported the victim may have also said at some point "two people got him."

Police arrived to find the man nearby, in the area of a fast food restaurant where employees there administered first aid. The man sustained slash wounds near his collarbone, upper arm, and possibly his hand. The cuts weren't deep, but were consistent with the use of an edged weapon, such as a knife, according to the police.

He wasn't in possession of a weapon when police dealt with him, MacPhee said. A clip - the type used to secure a knife in one's pocket - was later found on LaHave Street mall property, near a pub where investigators also found blood.

Blood also was found in the bank vestibule.

MacPhee said the man was intoxicated by a combination of drug and alcohol. His physical behaviour and movements were evident of that, MacPhee said, based on past police experiences observing same.

The victim is from the Halifax area, but had been staying with friends at a home in an east side trailer park. Authorities found no evidence of an altercation there.

The man indicated to officers his injuries happened behind the mall, but witness and video surveillance evidence couldn't corroborate that claim.

Before the call to police, bank staff saw the man loitering in the area, but didn't notice if he was injured. A worker indicated hearing a scream and someone yelling in the vicinity of the automated teller machine but nothing more.

MacPhee said no witnesses to the alleged dispute nor anyone involved has come forward with information. Police believe the man was hurt sometime between 3:30 and 4:20 p.m.

This matter is not considered random, and there is no threat to public safety.

Anyone with information concerning the investigation is asked to contact the Bridgewater Police Service or Crimestoppers.

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