Perkins House receives more money for renovations

by Kevin Mcbain

  • <p>CRAIG MACDONALD, PHOTO</p><p>This photo, taken September 14, shows one wall of the house with the cladding stripped off. The vertical boards that are structural supports for the building are visible.</p>
  • <p>CRAIG MACDONALD, PHOTO</p><p>This photo, taken September 14, shows some of the repairs made to the bottom of the vertical boards.</p>
  • <p>CRAIG MACDONALD, PHOTO</p><p>This photo, taken September 14, shows the clapboard that was in place under the shingles on one of the walls of the Perkins House Museum.</p>
  • <p>FACEBOOK PHOTO</p><p>The Perkins House was built in 1766 by Simeon Perkins, a lieutenant-colonel in the Queens County militia.</p>

Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Renovations are well under way at the Perkins House museum in Liverpool.

On September 16, the Nova Scotia government added another $1.3 million to the project's budget. This was part of a $7 million investment by the province to complete shovel-ready repairs and updates at 11 of the Nova Scotia Museum sites in the provinces.

The additional money tops up a large stimulus package from the provincial government, that was announced in May, which provided $1.5 million for the house that was built in 1766 by community leader Simeon Perkins, a lieutenant-colonel in the Queens County militia.

Tenders closed in early July and work began in August to the building which has been closed to the public since 2015 due to structure stability issues.

Craig MacDonald, coordinator of site maintenance for the Nova Scotia Museum, hailed the project as an important one.

"It is a very unique building and very old," he said. "One of the unique features is that it contains the diary of Simeon Perkins which includes a blueprint of the house," he said.

Renovations are being done as historically accurate as possible.

The project list includes work to the vertical board exterior, which are structural, according to MacDonald. The boards would likely have been originally cut by a water-powered sawmill, similar to the method used at Sherbrooke Village, which is also part of the Nova Scotia Museum family, then shipped to Liverpool.

MacDonald added that a lot of work has to be done to the sills that have been rotting out, as well as to the floor joists to make sure the structure is properly supported.

Perkins House is one of 28 museums across the province that make up the Nova Scotia Museum. It is operated by the Queens County Museum on behalf of the province.

The hope is that the work will be done by spring 2021 and the doors will be opened and ready for the summer tourist season.

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