Man who chained teenager in Chelsea gets statutory release from prison

by Keith Corcoran

A man who lured a teen boy to a Chelsea area cabin in 2012 with the promise of a job, then chained and repeatedly sexually assaulted him for more than a week, was released from federal prison recently after serving two-thirds of his sentence.

While entitled to statutory release, David James Leblanc is still of concern to the Parole Board of Canada, which put restrictions in place as he was discharged to a residential facility, a place he cannot leave overnight.

"Overnight leave is not authorized as you pose very high risk for sexual recidivism and will need to establish a period of stability and compliance in the community," reads the recently released parole board decision.

Leblanc, then 48-years-old, received eight years for kidnapping, unlawful confinement, sexual assault, uttering death threats and breaching earlier release conditions connected to his 2012 crimes in Lunenburg County involving the 16-year-old boy. He was sentenced to another three years for 2010 offences involving two boys, ages two and five. In that case, Leblanc admitted to charges of sexual interference and making and distributing child pornography, accepting responsibility for photographing the boys while they changed on a Queens County beach. He also fondled the five year old. He later uploaded the boys' photos to an American website, which led police to a Dartmouth address where he was living in December 2010.

The overall sentence imposed on Leblanc expires in three years' time.

In the pre-release statutory release decision, the parole board expressed reservations and uncertainty concerning Leblanc's future behaviour, although the agency placed a series of limits and restrictions on his freedom.

"While you have completed programs to address your risk, there is reliable and persuasive information that you have not been transparent about the extent of your role in planning and carrying out the offences." the board noted. "This raises significant concerns for the board about whether your risk of re-offending has been addressed and whether you have gained real insight about the reasons for your offending."

Among his release conditions, Leblanc must report his relationships, avoid alcohol and drugs, remain away from places where children may be present, and have no access to the internet or pornography.

Two other men implicated in the infamous chained-teen case died years ago. One, who sexually assaulted the boy after being invited to the cabin, died in prison of natural causes. The other, a partner of Leblanc's, was found dead in Ontario during an extensive police manhunt when the pair fled Nova Scotia after the boy escaped from the cabin a second time.

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