Mahone Bay artist makes offering to three churches

by Gayle Wilson

  • <p>GAYLE WILSON PHOTO</p><p>Tamara Whynott, artist and owner of the Awakened Healing Shop in Mahone Bay, has vowed to contribute half of the proceeds she makes from every glass painting of the three churches she sells, less the cost of materials, to the Three Churches Foundation.</p>

When a friend suggested Tamara Whynott might consider the town's three churches as a subject for her unique glass paintings, the Mahone Bay hairstylist-turned-artist was hesitant.

Although she describes herself as spiritual, she thought many an artist had featured the iconic buildings in their work. None the less, she undertook the project, putting Plexiglas in a large, old window frame and went to town with her creativity.

The work inspired a former hair client to commission a smaller version for her deck, and is grabbing the interest of other potential buyers.

Since then, Whynott has vowed that a half of the sale of every three churches window painting she creates, less the cost of materials, will be donated to the Three Churches Foundation.

For the first painting, that meant $525 to the foundation.

"As I was creating this, what was interesting was that I really made amends with religion and the three churches and realized how important the three churches are to the town. So this was my way of making amends, within my self, with how I felt," Whynott told LighthouseNOW, standing next to the original glass painting.

Whynott treats the glass windows or any Plexiglas she may put in a window frame with glass paint. She might then use an oil or acrylic paint and a variety of items, such as gauze, metal, stones and crushed eggshell to create her works, which are designed to have natural or man-made light shine through them.

"In each one I want to create something different," says Whynott, who is happy to custom design a three churches painting according to a buyer's preference.

According to Whynott, who has been a hair dresser for a number of years, it's only recently she discovered the artist within herself.

Her business, Awakened Healing Shop, has transitioned largely from a hair salon to an art studio and gallery with a retail sideline selling spiritual-related items including, books, jewellery and music.

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