Mahone Bay-area solider calls for public help after medals, army kit are stolen

by Charles Mandel

A decorated soldier from the Mahone Bay area who served in Afghanistan is calling for the public's help after his military kit and medals were stolen out of his vehicle on November 13.

Alex Bigwood, 33, told LighthouseNOW that four medals and a large CADPAT rucksack with size 12 mukluks, a kevlar helmet, a tactical load-bearing vest, sleeping pad, and two Arctic sleeping bags (complete sleep system) inside a bivvy bag were taken from his vehicle.

The theft took place some time between 9:30 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. from the vehicle, which was parked on the driveway of his residence on the Cornwall Road.

On his Facebook page, Bigwood warns: "To the person who has it all: You are in possession of federally controlled items, prohibited from public use and possession. There's nowhere you can sell it, nor use it in public without drawing attention to yourself."

Bigwood is an Army corporal with the West Nova Scotia Regiment and is based out of Aldershot in the Valley. He previously served in New Zealand and has been in the Canadian Army for three years.

Bigwood was a medic with New Zealand's special forces in the Middle East and Africa. On a reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan in 2006, he survived a grenade explosion that resulted in his heart stopping for four hours.

Anyone who comes across Bigwood's medals is asked to contact Bigwood, RCMP or military police.

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