Lunenburg tour boat operator pleads not guilty to assaulting mayor

Bridgewater lawyer Mark Taylor entered a not guilty plea on behalf of Bill Flower, the Lunenburg tour boat operator who was charged with assault after an interaction with Lunenburg mayor Rachel Bailey over the state of the town's harbour.

Taylor entered the plea on October 25 in Bridgewater Provincial Court. A half day trial is set for April.

Flower is alleged to have smeared Bailey with sewage from the harbour.

Bailey released a statement on the incident earlier this month saying "another person participating in the exchange put his hands on me in a manner that is unacceptable" during a verbal exchange on the Lunenburg waterfront.

At the October 10 town council meeting the mayor announced plans to hold a public meeting on the whole issue of the harobur water quality.

"I think it's just really important to share good information, because there's certainly a lot of miscommunication, or confusion of facts out in the public domain at the moment," said Bailey.

Bailey told LighthouseNOW previously that the idea of a public information session is to discuss the issue of the harbour's water quality She's hoping to advise people on what has been and is being done to improve the harbour.

"There's been a lot of media attention lately to issues in the harbour and suggestions our sewage treatment plant doesn't work, and that there's raw sewage going into our front harbour. So there's a lot of information and terms being tossed around very loosely, which aren't always accurate or not accurate."

The mayor commented that there have been "significant improvements" in the water quality since the sewage system was installed 14 years ago, before which nine outfalls pumped raw sewage into the harbour.

"To suggest that we're still there is really unfair and untrue. So we need to get that good information out there."

The mayor insisted that the sewage treatment plant treats the sewage. "What goes into the harbour is waste water. It's treated. It's not raw sewage."

She noted some raw sewage may flow into the harbour during heavy rains when the system overflows, however, she said that was rare.

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