Lunenburg supports resolution backed by Campaign to Protect Offshore Nova Scotia

Lunenburg endorsed a resolution backed by the group Campaign to Protect Offshore Nova Scotia and called for a public inquiry into oil exploration off the coast of the province and a ban on such activity pending the completion of the probe.

The town passed the pledge during a recent council meeting.

"We are ultimately the ones who would see the immediate negative of that if it were to come to pass and not necessarily reap much benefit if there is any to be gained," Mayor Rachel Bailey told LighthouseNOW.

"Now, I know our province does [reap a benefit], and that ultimately benefits all of us, but I think the risk-benefit is a little too heavy on the risk from our perspective."

She said other municipalities have prepared resolutions and the chief magistrate hopes the chorus of voices concerning the issue has some clout with the powers-that-be.

The Campaign to Protect Offshore Nova Scotia said tourism and the export value of seafood products are among matters at risk with offshore oil production. The issue impacts the South Shore's economy and environment, the group pointed out.

Lunenburg's resolution notes, in part, that the town has a "responsibility to protect and nurture our local economies. It is also our right, and the right of our citizens, to be consulted on all major developments that might impact those economies."

"The catastrophic effect of a major oil spill at an offshore drill site is unthinkable, yet public knowledge of the risk and potential consequences of such a spill remains inadequate."

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