Lunenburg area COVID victims “both fine”

by Keith Corcoran

  • <p>FACEBOOK/DUNCAN CROWDIS</p><p>Second Peninsula couple Duncan and Pam Crowdis.</p>

Pam and Duncan Crowdis, the Lunenburg area couple infected with COVID-19 who went public urging others to follow the rules and recommendations of health and government officials, recovered from the coronavirus after several weeks.

The Crowdis', both in their late-60s, tested positive March 21 and 22, likely contracting the virus in an airport, on a plane, or somewhere in-between while returning from to Second Peninsula from a business conference in the U.S.

The married couple of 45 years went into self-isolation immediately upon their return, with friends getting groceries for them in advance.

Duncan dealt with body aches, a low-grade fever, and a cough that became more pronounced if he wasn't lying down. "I lost my appetite; I lost my sense of taste and smell for two weeks," he recently told LighthouseNOW.

"I didn't have to go to the hospital or anything like that."

Meanwhile, Pam experienced cold-like symptoms. When health officials tested her and determined she was positive for COVID-19, it was discovered she had a low-grade fever. Other than the sniffles and a fever she didn't realize she had, Pam didn't feel that ill.

The size of the Crowdis' home is such that Pam and Duncan could keep their distances from each other. Public health checked on each of them with separate phone calls each day, giving them pointers on what they could do to try and alleviate any symptoms, such as the fever.

Once Duncan was considered symptom-free for a period of days, he was given the all-clear. Pam's case was considered resolved about a week later. Neither have underlying health conditions.

"We're both fine now," Duncan said. "Given what I hear from others going through this [our cases were] pretty mild to tell you the truth."

Back when he first tested positive, Duncan took to social media, encouraging others to take the crisis seriously, as they did, and adhere to the orders and guidelines surrounding physical distancing and self-isolation.

Duncan's now concerned about infected people who are asymptomatic, who aren't being tested because they aren't showing evidence of the virus, who may not be taking the proper precautions or are ignoring the health experts.

"Just think about the number of people are roaming around now if they aren't self-isolating and are spreading this thing around," he told LighthouseNOW.

Duncan praised the work of public health when it came to their dealing with him and Pam. "While we didn't feel so good, we felt badly for them and what they have to go through," he said, referring to their heavy workload and ongoing efforts. "I can't say enough about our public health folks. They were outstanding, compassionate and professional. I felt like I was being taken care of," he said.

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