Liverpool air quality deemed safe despite noxious odour

by Lighthousenow Staff

Recent air quality tests done in Liverpool, Milton and Brooklyn reveal that that there is no cause for health concerns regarding the pungent odour that has permeated Liverpool and area since June.

Results recently returned from air quality tests carried out on July 16 by specialists, throughout Liverpool and parts of Brooklyn and Milton. The tests were taken at short intervals for hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and methane gases (CH4).

There are no legislated or regulatory parameters around methane gas levels and all test samples showed that levels were insignificant, according to a press notice the Region of Queens Municipality issued.. Methane is odourless and non-toxic to humans.

Tests for H2S showed elevated levels at three points around the actual sewage lagoons on Hank Snow Drive. However, all readings were well under the provincial regulations.

Additionally, municipal staff carried out further testing along Milton Road, Liverpool, on July 31. This testing took place at two manhole locations during two different pumping cycles where a gas detector was used to detect H2S and CH4. No gases were detected at one-and-two-foot measurements above both manhole locations.

De-sludging of the primary lagoon cell at the South Queens Sewer Treatment facility in Liverpool was expected to be completed by August 16. This process has been going on for the last couple of weeks, and was recommended by experts to significantly reduce the odour in the area.

Region of Queens Municipality Mayor, David Dagley said in an interview with LighthouseNOW on August 13,that the smell is subsiding as the de-sludging work continues.

"It's getting better. We've removed materials from the lagoon which was creating the major portion of the odour as was expected," he said. "As the materials are reduced and taken out, there is less to activate with our aeration system and therefore less odour."

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