Liberal incumbent on South Shore defends prime minister’s past behaviour

by Keith Corcoran

  • <p>KEITH CORCORAN, PHOTO</p><p>South Shore-St. Margarets Liberal incumbent Bernadette Jordan, pictured recently in Wileville.</p>

The Liberal incumbent in South Shore-St. Margarets is defending her party leader in the wake of the "black face" controversy gripping the early days of the federal election campaign.

"I do not believe that behaviour is indicative of the man that he is today, who I have been working alongside for the last four years, and who I hope to continue working with," Bernadette Jordan said in a statement released by her campaign.

The statement came out the day after the first image of Justin Trudeau with make-up darkened skin emerged via Time Magazine. The nearly 20-year-old photograph was taken at a time Trudeau was attending a costume party at a private school in British Columbia where he was a teacher.

Since Jordan's statement was released, more so-called black face images have emerged of the Liberal leader.

"The Prime Minister's behaviour that we learned about last night [September 18] was wrong, it was racist, and it is hurtful for many people in ways that I will never be able to truly understand," Jordan said. "He has acknowledged this as well."

Trudeau publicly apologized multiple times for his actions.

Jordan, who served in Trudeau's cabinet as minister of rural economic development, anticipates this matter will evolve into a broader learning opportunity.

"I hope this will be a teachable moment for all of us, that we can reflect on as we continue working to build a better more inclusive Canada," she added.

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