Letters to the Editor

Route 10 potholes now 'a major risk'

I was recently to Bridgewater and drove over that section of Route 10 from MacCulloch Road to the intersection of Pine Grove Road near Boston Pizza, after dark and in the rain.

That portion of road has been full of pot holes all year, however they are now a major risk of causing damage to tires and front suspensions, given the size of some of those holes.

It is very surprising that this short section of Route 10 has been allowed to deteriorate to this state, especially when one looks at the constant heavy traffic, and the many jobs that exist in the local stores which are always seeking customers.

People who were shopping at adjacent stores which I visited, including some residents, were not impressed with all of the existing pot holes.

It would be of interest to most drivers to learn why repairs have not been made this year in such a high traffic area, and when repairs will materialize. Action certainly needs to happen soon.

David Dagley


Grateful to be able to celebrate Christmas

It was my best Christmas gift in 80 years!

Early in December 2021, I arrived at the South Shore Regional Hospital in Bridgewater, and while I was still being assessed I had a stroke.

The emergency team treated me with a clot buster and I was soon recovering in ICU. Each health-care staff person treated me with concern, caring and professionalism.

We all have knowledge or awareness of the possible long-term effects of strokes. I feel very blessed to be able to write this letter to sincerely thank all of our hard working health-care staff at the South Shore Regional Hospital for making my speedy recovery possible.

In fact, I am extremely grateful to be celebrating a very special Christmas because of the wonderful care by our doctors and nurses at our local South Shore Regional Hospital in Bridgewater.

Winnifred McCarthy


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