Jar containing small fetus found in Lunenburg in 2018

by Keith Corcoran

Remember the call in the summer of 2018 about "unconfirmed" human remains found at a Lunenburg construction site? It turns out a worker found a jar containing a small 200-gram fetus at the wastewater treatment plant site, off Starr Street.

"They were digging behind the plant for a manhole using an excavator and then were using the same dirt to cover back in the hole when one of the workers located the small jar," reads the subsequent report completed later in the year from the province's medical examiner's office, released via access-to-information legislation.

"He then placed it on a rock in the area. He went home after work and mentioned it to his spouse who recommended that he notify someone of the finding. When he went [back] to work ... he advised his supervisor who called the police."

RCMP said at the time forensic identification services assisted in gathering evidence at the scene. The jar and its contents were transported to the Nova Scotia Medical Examiner's Service for examination.

The medical examiner's report indicated a police officer "was told by a worker and another officer that there was a school near by and they remember the school having the jars with the fetus in it for science or biology class. He has no concerns with the scene and feels that the 'fetus' appears preserved as there is no blood and is not decomposed."

RCMP took no further action on the file.

"Unless we get more information, the fetus will never be identified," reads information prepared by the Nova Scotia Medical Examiner Service. "It's probably just going to remain on the shelf next to the other one."

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