Italy Cross attorney seeks Tory nod in Lunenburg West


  • <p>SUBMITTED PHOTO</p><p>Becky Druhan, a lawyer and Italy Cross resident, is seeking the Tory nomination in the provincial riding of Lunenburg West.</p>

Becky Druhan, a lawyer and Italy Cross resident, hopes to run in Lunenburg West in the next provincial election under the Progressive Conservatives' brand.

She feels she has the education, background and experience to be the riding's MLA and plans to use those tools to make positive change.

"I'm concerned with the struggle our systems, people and businesses are facing and I'm not one to sit by and criticize," Druhan explained to LighthouseNOW when reached by phone.

Vying for the Tory nomination is the 45-year-old's first ever attempt at elected office.

Health care, education, the environment and backing of the business sector are big issues, noted the married mother of two. Druhan pointed out challenges facing seniors are also dominant on a local and provincial scale and need more attention.

She vows to pursue needs of importance to the community.

"Health care for us locally, we struggle with access to physicians and other services," she described as an example. "We have a significant aging population that needs support and our local businesses and industries are unique, and I think we need to have a provincial voice that understands those ... and can speak to those."

Druhan, if she becomes the nominated candidate, hopes to be the riding's first Progressive Conservative (PC) MLA since Carolyn Bolivar-Getson served in the position between 2003 and 2009. Bolivar-Getson is now the mayor of the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg.

Druhan admitted to being not politically active previously, but she says she has since embraced the values of the party and likes what she sees in the Tories' efforts and record when it comes to responsibility and accountability.

Provincial politics is an opportunity to make a big impact, especially concerning matters of roads, schools and health. "Those are all the things we interact with on a day-to-day basis and there's really room for improvement. And I think my particular skill set and experience can bring a lot to that."

Druhan would face Jennifer Naugler of Hebbs Cross, who is the Liberal candidate. Naugler owns a small media company and is a former school board member who also unsuccessfully sought the federal Liberal nomination in 2014. The Grits' nomination was uncontested.

Meanwhile, the New Democrats are expected to choose between Olivia Dorey of Conquerall Bank, who used to work for a democracy advocacy charity and in the public sector in Ontario, and Merydie Ross, a project fund coordinator for a forum that deals with issues involving Mi'kmaw and provincial and federal governments. Ross is in Colchester County but plans to move back to the riding.

Druhan points to her own professional experience as a key difference among the competition.

"I have almost 20 years practising law, and as part of that I have represented hundreds of clients: businesses, individuals and organizations, advocating on their behalf and working with them to solve their problems," she said.

Understanding the law and its effect on people is helpful for an MLA in navigating government structure and operations, she said.

The PC party's nomination process closes in early June and, as of this writing, Druhan is the only person who has made his or her intentions public.

A general election in Nova Scotia has yet to be called.

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