Introvert alternative band members get creative with pandemic isolation

by Gayle Wilson

  • <p>FACEBOOK PHOTO, JUICEBOX</p><p>Lunenburg&#8217;s alternative rock band, &#0010;Juicebox. Left to right: Zackery Zwicker (vocals, bass), Benny O&#8217;Toole (vocals, guitar), Morgan Zwicker (drums) and Alex Kelley (guitar).</p>
  • <p>FACEBOOK PHOTO, JUICEBOX</p><p>Juicebox&#8217;s new single to be released June 26 discusses social distancing from the perspective of introverts.</p>

An alternative rock band in Lunenburg is releasing what it describes as a "pandemic anthem" called Social Distance.

The latest single by Juicebox explores social distancing "from the perspective of those who've always done it - and to them, it's not so bad," according to a news release issued by the band.

"I wanted to illustrate how little the lockdown changed the daily routines of myself and other introverts. I

thought it could be fun to have a song about how it was almost a relief not to socialize," Zack Zwicker, a vocalist and bassist with the band, explained in the release.

The new single is a combination of "poking fun at the idea of introverts embracing social distancing and the sad reality of the depression that goes along with the truly isolated people who get stuck in that lifestyle," he added.

His long-time accomplice and songwriting partner, Benny O'Toole (guitar/vocals), was said to be "casually riding out the pandemic in isolation" in Kingsburg with band mate and drummer Morgan Zwicker, who is Zack's brother.

The pair described their isolation days as "the musical equivalent of training in the Dragon Ball Z hyperbolic time chamber."

Alex Kelly (lead guitar) was said to have finally found the time to beat Pokemon silver after a "long dark beginning at the dawn of the pandemic."

Social Distance follows the quartet's 2019's debut album, Wasted Youth, which, according to the release, "sparked controversy among media and moms alike."

Juiscebox intends to release Social Distance on June 26.

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