Glen Allan area, business park, focus of future development blueprint

by Keith Corcoran

The Town of Bridgewater has tasked a surveying and engineering firm with establishing a development and infrastructure forecast involving public and private-owned properties in the Glen Allan Drive subdivision area on the town's east side, and industrial park on the west side.

DesignPoint Engineering and Surveying, of Bedford, secured a $98,500 procurement from the town to create a master infrastructure plan for Bridgewater, focusing on 91 hectares of vacant Glen Allan Drive area lands and property in the business park. The plan also factors-in land north of Highway 103 that will be accessible with the new future highway interchange, but doesn't include a market analysis concerning that area.

The plan will focus on key infrastructure components such as water, wastewater, stormwater, and the transportation/street network. It will also consider such items as existing land uses, zoning, open space, natural features, active transportation, and the effects of potential growth scenarios on each component of infrastructure.

In a written report to town council, engineering services manager Matthew Davidson outlined the desired outcomes under the assumption there are no budget-related issues. The studies, he said, "will be conceptual lot layout(s), of both undeveloped private and public lands."

Their purpose will be to help guide development, ensure the installation of appropriate services, provide connectivity of infrastructure and neighbourhoods, and reduce the potential for future conflicts or missed opportunities, explained Davidson.

Mayor David Mitchell was looking forward to the finished product.

"This will be a very exciting document for us when this comes back" to council, he recently told his civic government colleagues during a meeting live-streamed on the internet.

Civic government officials were told the town is expected to face continued growth pressure within its key industrial and residential areas. It's believed the town will be able to accommodate and guide this growth better with a plan for its infrastructure in hand.

"This will be the map that helps us do that in a very deliberate way that maximizes use," added Mitchell.

Council will get the completed plan sometime in early 2021.

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