Fuel truck spills nearly 300 litres of diesel in Liverpool

by Keith Corcoran

Nearly 300 litres of diesel spilled onto the ground in Liverpool after a malfunction involving a commercial truck during an attempt to re-fuel heavy equipment.

Volunteer firefighters were recently summoned to an area near the corner of Jubilee Street and Main Street in the Queens County community where the incident occurred.

"The spill happened in a gravel area, where municipal trucks were being filled at a work site," Rachel Boomer, a spokeswoman for the province's Department of Environment, told LighthouseNOW.

Department officials checked the site after the spill and were content with the work.

"We require that anyone responsible for a spill ensure that a site professional is on hand to complete the remediation," Boomer added.

A spokesman for the Liverpool volunteer fire department said a problem occurred with a fuel truck's valve, causing 260 litres of diesel to end up on the ground. "They couldn't shut it off, so it poured until they got it stopped," said John Long, a Liverpool fire department captain.

Thankfully, he said, it pooled because of the low terrain in the area, which reduced the risk of further spread. Below-street municipal infrastructure work was taking place in the area.

"The Liverpool Fire Department soaked up the standing fuel with peat moss and disposed of it properly," Boomer said of the clean-up.

Irving Oil spokeswoman Candice MacLean told LighthouseNOW, "The product was quickly contained and the site has been fully remediated. We sincerely apologize for the incident and any inconvenience it caused."

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