Former Liverpool resident’s images debut in children’s book

by Brittany Wentzell

  • <p>CONTRIBUTED IMAGE</p><p>An image from the book - Right Beside Grandma&#8217;s Tootsie Rolls.</p>
  • <p>CONTRIBUTED PHOTO</p><p>Amy Lloyd, a former Liverpool resident, has illustrated a recently published children&#8217;s book. The book - Right Beside Grandma&#8217;s Tootsie Rolls, is written by Linday J.L. Angus.</p>

She may be miles from home, but artist Amy Lloyd's illustrations are creating a buzz in her hometown of Liverpool.

Lloyd, an illustrator currently residing in Hamilton, Ontario, just illustrated her first book: Right Beside Grandma's Tootsie Rolls. The project took over a year to finish.

"I was looking for Craigslist for creative opportunities," said Lloyd. "[The author] was a good fit because, well, I grew up with my little brother playing hockey and there's hockey throughout."

The book was written by author Lindsay J.L. Angus, who has several published children's books and short stories. Right Beside Grandma's Tootsie Rolls follows the story of Clementine who wants nothing more than to play with her older brother.

"And then there's some scheme she does to kind of make that happen," laughs Lloyd.

Lloyd hand drew the images, and then worked on them digitally, which was a newer experience for her. Lloyd says she had a lot of feedback from the author and was able to work from there.

"It was pretty cool, it was such a long time coming, it was pretty exciting to see it for the first time," she said.

The book is creating some conversation in her hometown after her former employers at Pharmachoice decided to carry the book, both out of pride and Lloyd's mother's urging.

"[My mom] works there," laughed Lloyd. "She was like 'We have to get them in the store.'"

Lloyd says she is happy with the outcome and is currently in talks with the author to possibly illustrate another children's book.

A graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Lloyd says she originally went to school for fine art but realized she was much more interested in the illustration and design aspects of it.

"It was too conceptual where I wanted to do more illustrative stuff," said Lloyd. "I went into the design program because it made more sense and minored in illustration."

Lloyd has created images in the past for several publications, but this is her first book.

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