Don’t beat around the bush — that’s one big beet

by Gayle Wilson

  • <p>NATASHA SHEA, PHOTO</p><p>The 3.5 pound (1.5 kilogram) beet as it was shown to staff at LighthouseNOW.</p>

This year, like many of the other 60 years or so he's been gardening, Jim Connolly of Queens County purchased some beet transplants at a local garden centre.

Little did he know that one of them would grow into a 3.5 pound (1.5 kilogram) vegetable.

"It's the biggest beet I've ever seen," said Connolly, who brought the vegetable into the offices of LighthouseNOW in Bridgewater.

When making pickled beets, that one beet alone filled a quart and a pint jar for Connolly.

"It usually takes quite a few beets to get that kind of thing," advised the hobby gardener.

Did he have any secret to share about how to grow a beet that big?

"Not really, no," said Connolly. "I get the transplants, and put them in the ground with a little compost underneath them, and let them go."

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